Carnet goes a step ahead in cashless tendencies

Publicado el 21 de diciembre de 2020

Carnet goes a step ahead in cashless tendencies

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Carnet was created more than 50 years ago and has become the acceptance brand that revolutionized the Mexican financial system by allowing cardholders to make payments with a credit card. Today, Carnet is still the leading acceptance brand in the electronic voucher sector with a portfolio of more than 18 million cards operating throughout Mexico.

For Carnet, it is clear that we will never return to the pre-pandemic normality. New consumer buying habits and the digital transformation accelerated by the health emergency are here to stay and companies, especially those that were on the path to digitalization, have capitalized on these opportunities.

An example of this is the 2020 edition of El Buen Fin, that was extended from 4 to 12 days in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19 while encouraging the use of electronic platforms. According to preliminary figures, sales increased by 20% compared to last year, reaching a record MXN $141.6 billion for purchases that were made mainly online.

In fact, Mercado Libre México reported that during the 10th edition of El Buen Fin it sold more than 1,000 items per minute, which represented a growth of 122% compared to the previous year and the number of buyers doubled during this event compared to 2019.

In this sense, adopting the necessary infrastructure to support a cashless economy is, perhaps, the most important factor for any organization that is interested in participating in e-Commerce, and having an ally like Carnet will make transactions easier by offering contactless technology, as well as management and fraud prevention tools that are tailored to the needs of each issuer.

For this reason, Carnet has evolved according to industry trends, strengthening its acceptance in e-Commerce and allowing us to be one step ahead in the development of solutions adapted to the Mexican market.

Today we have acceptance from the online businesses that are most relevant for Mexican consumers, and we continue to expand every day to strengthen our capabilities in favor of our customers.

This growth is reflected in our daily results.  At the end of October 2020, Carnet saw significant growth in its electronic commerce indicators, compared to the same period last year.

  • +261% in electronic transactions,
  • +36% in invoiced amounts, and
  • +18% in approved transactions.

The increase in online sales driven by new shopping habits, new digital services, and therefore many new buyers, also increases the relevance of having an ally like Carnet, a proudly Mexican brand.

We are a brand with a business sense and we proudly contribute to the development and growth of the Mexican economy together with highly relevant companies, such as all those that accept Carnet cards at their online points of sale:

*Ask your issuing institution about the types of Carnet products accepted in the different establishments.

*For more information, please visit, send an email to, or call the Carnet Support Line at + 52 (55) 5268-1146.

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